It’s that wonderful time of year again, Mother’s Day.

Often knowing what to buy your Mum for Mother’s Day can be quite tricky; each year gets harder and harder as you run out of ideas. The generic gifts that just can’t go wrong include flowers or a box of chocolates, but Leila thinks this year, why not go above and beyond this year and get a perfect interior design gift? Keep reading for interior design gifts for Mother’s Day:

1) Candles

Candles are a great Mother’s Day gift. Mum’s rarely find the time to sit and relax, the are typically very busy going about their day to day lives – working, cleaning, caring for the children, walking the dog… the list could go on and on. Candles are perfect for lifting your mood and bringing back a sense of calm in the mind, which a lot of our Mother’s may need. Scented candles are great as these not only let off a beautiful glow, but have the interior space smelling beautiful, which again will help your Mother relax.

2) Cushions

Deep down, your Mum may be craving a change in interior design style, but in reality she just doesn’t have the time to take action. A simple way of sprucing up an interior space is introducing coloured or patterned cushions; the type that can be layered up. There are so many cushion designs out there, consisting of different colours, shapes and materials, that you are bound to find one or two that’ll suit your Mother’s personal style.

3) Greenery

Bouquets of flowers are one of the most common gifts on Mother’s Day, and for many other occasions for that matter. This year your Mum may prefer something a little different, whilst still having the same affect that flowers do on her mood and the interior space. Indoor plants are a great way to brighten up the home and add a little life into it. They are great because they last a very long time and require very little maintenance.

4) Photo Frames

If you are thinking of getting your Mum something that has a more personal touch, photo frames are the perfect gift. They known to be one of the most thoughtful gifts as you will have taken the time to choose a photograph that you know will mean something to them, as well as choosing a frame that fits their interior design style.

5) Mugs

Last of all, mugs. Pretty much all Mum’s love a cup of tea or coffee, often at the beginning of their day. If you’re looking for some positive association, there’s no better way than giving your Mum a mug as they will be reminded of you every morning when they drink their tea or coffee out of your mug! Mugs can also be personalised which is another great thing about them and why they would make a great Mother’s Day gift.

Leila x