About Us

Our Story

LLD was born from an observation a belief and a genuine frustration. An observation that very few people can truly visualise the potential of the space they currently live in or could possibly live in, in the future. A belief that affordable quality interior design services offer significant personal and commercial benefits and a frustration that traditional interior design services tend to be accessible only to the fortunate few.

LLD is without doubt living proof that the sum of the whole is far greater than the individual parts. We all share an innate belief that quality and transparency sit at the heart of all our Client interactions.

Our Team

At LLD our team is the heart of our business. We pride ourselves in creating an environment that allows each of our members to develop their own individual strengths, whilst working collaboratively to provide our clients with outstanding personal service and exceptional quality. Our multidisciplinary team of talented designers, project managers, logistics and onsite team, seamlessly create, design and deliver end to end projects across the UK and overseas.

It’s not all about what we deliver, it’s very much about how we deliver it.

Our Approach

Our approach is to offer our Clients a professional service that focuses on understanding and then delivering design solutions that reflect their individual needs.

Our aim is to inspire our Clients by creating bespoke and tailor-made interiors that will combine practicality and functionality within visually attractive, beautifully crafted interiors. At LLD we understand and respect that every Client has differing needs, tastes and, of course, financial constraints.