Celebrate the ambitions of your development with LLD Design.

This week on our blog we will be discussing how at LLD Design, we are dedicated to creating a space that celebrates the ambitions of a development in a creative and effective way through show homes. Once planning permission has been obtained it is important that the beauty of the property or collection of buildings isn’t neglected and ensures a sense of place for clients. Homebuyers want beautiful homes well built and nicely presented, so creating a space with LLD Design will undoubtedly boost the time to scale completion.

1) Experience

To ensure a memorable experience for your clients why not enable a test drive of their potential new home? At LLD Design we are able to design both external site images and internal show home images, and these rooms can be designed to suit their position in the building location by mixing old and new, rustic and minimal. Creating a sense of place some might say is the ultimate achievement of interior design as it provides not only the experience but leaves a lasting and memorable one. Whilst LLD creates an excellent perspective of how everything lies together it also enables the client to recognise their potential lifestyle.

2) Sales

In business there are many factors to consider to create maximum potential and profit. To improve word of mouth about your thriving development, more weight should be placed on an attractive housing development to generate sales and increase footfall, both of which are vital for constant growth. Many new properties in prime locations will always sell, but for developers to get the most from their investment getting the right price in the right timeframe at a premium can be difficult when working with four white walls.

3) Brand identity

Not only do we create high quality computer generated images but we always take into consideration the importance of your brand and its identity. Upon entering the properties there should be immediate recognition of who your business is and the quality you provides. To set you aside from other developers, we can offer you consistent on-trend designs for you to achieve a signature identity that can be portrayed throughout your properties using colour, fabric and much more.

4) Client relationships

By creating a consistent brand with beautiful designs throughout your developments, we aim to create longevity with the client and exceed all expectations. It is imperative for us to understand your business and your developments so that we can tailor the property to the appropriate target market, the location and demographic.

5) CGI’s & Animated walkthroughs

By creating computer generated images and animated walkthroughs, we are able to provide a virtual experience that is tailored specifically to your needs. In this competitive day and age, not only will this help your buyer visualise the potential of the property but it will enable them to understand the layout and lifestyle that they can experience when purchasing one of your properties.

Leila x

We look forward to hearing from you soon, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can check out more of our portfolio here.