Subtle ways to add pops of playful colours thoughout your own home. 

With everything going on in the outside world currently, many of you may be feeling a little down and anxious. Colour is a powerful tool that can help influence moods, so now might be the time to spruce up your home by introducing a splash of colour.

1) Paint the Walls

White or cream walls are incredibly common. Understandably, because they are universal tones and everything goes with them. However, why not be brave and paint colour on a wall in one of your rooms. Doing this in a guest room may be a sensible thing to do as you don’t typically spend as much time in that space, and it is a room that you can really go to town with to create an experience for your guests.

2) Cushions

Leila discusses cushions in many of her blogs. They are great in regards to many interior designing and styling tips. Cushions are an easy and fun way of bringing a bit of colour into a space. The colour doesn’t necessarily have to be bold and bright; you may prefer pastel tones, for example. Either way, if you’re wanting a small pop of colour in an interior space, cushions are the one.

3) Accessorise

It’s not just cushions that you can easily just bring into an interior space with colour. There are many unique objects and accessories in many colours that will suit your particular interior design style. For example, pottery, plants, or even colourful photo frames. Place them on bookshelves or coffee tables, ensuring that the whole room is tied together.

4) Blankets

Another easy way to introduce a bit of colour into your home is blankets. These can be propped on the back of your sofa, or spread across your seating area. Keep them there all year round; they not only spruce up your room with colour, but they also provide a bit of cosiness and comfort in the evenings to snuggle up into.

5) Rugs

Finally, rugs. Like cushions and blankets, there are so many colourful options out there that you will be able to find one that fits your interior design preferences. And again, they are super easy as you simply just lay them down on the floor and they will do wonders for sprucing up your space with a bit of colour.

Leila hopes she has inspired you to embrace colourful interiors. We would love to see your results!

Leila x