With the recent launch of Leila Home, I am so excited to present our newly launched Leila Home Collections and products.

I can’t believe it is April already – it is crazy how fast the year is flying by! Easter is around the corner, and the weather is thankfully starting to brighten up for Spring.

With everything that is going on in this crazy world, I thought I would bring a bit of “blush” into our homes with our first collection ‘Romantic’. This will give you the inspiration to not only spruce up some of your rooms with soft, blush tones, but to also get you prepared and in the spirit for this special time of year.

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All the products you see in the blog are available from our newly launched brand, Leila Home.

1) Garden Room/Conservatory:

At such uncertain and unprecedented times, everyone is at home feeling a little down, anxious and probably quite bored!

For the sake of yours and your families well being, we recommend taking the time to spruce up your interior spaces, to lift the mood a little. Hopefully, you have been spending a lot of time in your gardens, embracing the sunshine, I know me and my family have!

Why not consider bringing the outdoors in and freshening up your interior space?

After all, the nice weather won’t last forever, it is the UK! Brighten up your home with a coloured sofa or introduce some foliage into your space like a vase of flowers or some greenery. Wallpaper makes a huge difference, look at our Leila Home Botanical collection (coming soon) for inspiration.

2) Artwork in a Bedroom

Sometimes it is hard to know what particular colour scheme to go for when it comes to decorating/designing an interior space. Here is a top tip. Choose a beautiful, colourful piece of art work that you would love in your bedroom, and define your colour scheme from that. One of our favourite pieces of artworks at Leila Home is the Spoonbill Framed Art Print, it consists of gorgeous blush and green tones, which features in our Romantic Collection.

I recently incorporated this piece of work within a design for a client, it helped me to develop a sophisticated and tranquil space. I introduced sage green curtains and a blush faux fur bed throw, which tied the interior space together, all based from the initial art work!

Give it a go – try creating your own interior design theme based off a piece of art.

I would love to see your results!

3) Dining Room

The ‘romantic’ interior design theme works really well for a bedroom design.

However, it can also work in a dining room. Blush colours work great, but slightly darker tones work just as well, such as rich plums. Spruce up your dining room space with these tones; painting the walls or covering them with wall paper, buying in some new velvet dining room chairs, adding in pops of colour with throws and cushions. The options are endless!

Normally at Easter we spend lots of family time around the dining table but I guess this year it will be a little different. So, to entertain my 3 children, I am going to get crafty and create some Easter decorations to tie in with the rest of my dining room theme, hopefully the children will feel a big part of the dining experience and it will also occupy them for an hour or two!

4) Romantic Theme Bedroom

A romantic theme is a great theme for a bedroom. Let’s face it we all want a little bit of romance!

Incorporating soft tones and pastel colours into a bedroom can really open up the space. However,I do understand that blush and pink tones may not appeal to everyone. This is an image the team have recently put together for a client which I think looks beautiful and gives a good balance of colour and space.

A romantic themed room can still be achieved, without having to go overboard on the pinks. To make a bedroom space a little less feminine, darker tones can be incorporated to create more of a masculine theme.

For example, teals and darker blues. Cushions and throws could be added to these colours, or you could be brave by covering a wall with a quirky wall paper. Blush/pink accessories can then be incorporated, complementing the blue tones, satisfying the romantic theme, and tying the whole space together!

I hope you have found this blog useful.

If you need help, I can assist in creating your perfect space and provide the furniture you need to complete the look, please get in contact.

Let’s make our homes a beautiful place to live.

Stay well!

Leila x