Creating successful luxury designs involves using the correct materials, and one material that we like to incorporate in our designs is Velvet. 

Velvet is surprisingly very versatile, which some people don’t always realise. It is renowned to be associated with royalty and nobility, whilst this is not as prominent today, it is still a material that is used widely across fashion and interiors, perfect for creating a high-end look.

1) Sofas & Armchairs

One of the most popular ways of incorporating velvet into an interior design is having a velvet sofa or armchair. Velvet can be said to have a cosy and luxurious feel, thus making it a perfect material choice for a sofa/armchair. If you wish to make a statement look, go all out and opt for a beautiful coloured velvet finish. Contrastingly, you could still stick to the velvet material which will still portray the luxuriousness, but choosing a more subtle colour.

2) Dining Chairs

Velvet is great because you don’t necessarily need lots of it to make a significant impact on your interior space. A great way to introduce a little but of velvet is having velvet dining chairs. You can choice a colour that fits with the scheme of your interior space, to tie it all together. Leila reckons velvet dining chairs pair beautifully with wooden or metal dining room tables as they create an effective contrast.

3) Cushions

Another slightly more subtle way of using velvet is opting for cushions made from the velvet material. This may also be considered as the simplest and most affordable way of bringing velvet into your home. Your interior space may be lacking a bit of personality, and so a great way to change this would be to introduce velvet cushions. Not only is the material very statement, you can opt for bright colours, adding a pop of colour into your space.

4) Rugs

As our previous blog will tell you, rugs are a great way to update and transform a space. Even more so if the material is associated with luxury! Many people opt for materials other than velvet when it comes to choosing a rug, but Leila thinks more people should choose velvet! A velvet rug, similarly to velvet cushions, is the perfect way to incorporate velvet into an interior space without it being too much.

5) Lampshades

Introducing a velvet lampshade into your space is a great way to prevent going overboard with the velvet material. Adding small elements like a velvet lampshade will immediately transform the style of your space. Sometimes less is more, and this can be applied to velvet if your interior design style is more modern.

Leila x